Manuscript Preparation, Submission and Review Guidelines

Manuscript originality
Manuscripts submitted to JISST must be original, and must not have been published elsewhere, and must not be under consideration for publication by another journal. Conference papers which are substantially revised will be considered for publication. 

Cover Page of Manuscript
Title of manuscript: The full title of the articles should contain no more than 95 characters.
Authors: Author(s) must state their full name(s), and provide information about their, affiliations, positions, and contact details that include postal address, email address, telephone and cell phone numbers. The corresponding author, in the case of multiple author papers, must be indicated; this author will liaise with the journal in all matters regarding a submission.

JISST accepts only structured abstracts not exceeding 300 words, covering most of the following, as applicable to the research on which the manuscript is based:

  1. Background: What is the context and purpose of the study? What are the practical, scientific and theoretical or other gaps your research is filling?
  2. Objectives: What are the objectives of the study? What problems are you trying to solve?
  3. Method: How did you address the problem you identified? What exactly did you do to get the results? What design did the study adopt?
  4. Results: What is the result or outcome of the research? What did you learn/invent/create as a result of completing the above procedure/study?
  5. Conclusion: What are the implications of the outcome of your study for policy and practice?
  6. Recommendations: What policies and practices should be implemented based on the findings of the study, and by whom?  

The authors must provide not less than four and not more than seven keywords that represent the content of the manuscript, arranged alphabetically and separated by commas. Avoid using general and plural terms and multiple concepts in the keywords; be sparing with abbreviations.

References and citations within text must follow the2014 American Psychological Association (APA) format.

Technical formatting

  1. The length of an article should not exceed 7000 words.
  2. Use UK English.
  3. Use font Arial, size 12pt with 1.5 line spacing.
  4. Capitalise only proper nouns in the title.
  5. Avoid footnotes to text.
  6. Quotations or interview responses of more than 30 words must to be indented both sides and italicized without quotation marks.
  7. Foreign language words should be italicized.
  8. Units should follow the SI standard.
  9. Use Microsoft Word format.

Manuscript Review and Processing
All received manuscripts will be subjected to double-blind peer review by at least two reviewers for technical merit and content, and JIIST commits to make and communicate editorial decisions on manuscripts within three months of date of receipt.

Manuscript Submission and Follow up
Manuscripts must be submitted not less than three months to the month of publication of issue of JISST for which it is intended. All manuscript submissions and subsequent follow up communications should be sent to Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Information Science, Systems and Technology (JISST), by email to, with a copy to A received manuscript will be acknowledged immediately, and assigned a manuscript number to be used for reference and follow up purposes.

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