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It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Data and Information Science (DDIS). You will be able to learn about DDIS, including its objectives, programmes, facilities and resources, students, staff and alumni, as well as its history.

Our aim is to be a Centre of Excellence in information science and technology, and a major facilitator of information technology training, research, collaboration and advisory services in Africa

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Masters Degree Programme

The Master of Information Science Programme imparts skills in organization and management of information, development of information systems, information technologies, communication and utilization of information, as well as quantitative and research capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Application for admissions are invited once in every year sometime twice depending on academic calender via the postgraduate school website. You can apply online by visiting www.pgcollege.ui.edu.ng

Tuition fees and other charges applicable to the higher degree programmes of DDIS (Master of Information Science, Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy, etc) are administered online by the Postgraduate School, University of Ibadan. The schedule of the current fees can be browsed at the website of the Postgraduate School

You can apply for hostel accomodationvia the university, for more information about on-campus accomodation visit www.ui.edu.ng. However there are arrangement for international student on arrival pending when they can secure an accomodation

Master degree programme run on a three academic sessions while the doctoral degree programmes also runs for a minimum duration of 3 academic sessions depending on the student area of research

You can be admitted to DDIS if your initial feild of study is outside of sciences or Information technology as long as you have satisfy the admission requirement for any of the DDIS programme

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Vice-Chancellor's Visit to new DDIS

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You have made a good decision by vising our website and we are gladly waiting to see you on campus. However remember to read the admission requirement before you begin your application online